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Advantages of the explorer coffee subscription

A new coffee every month
A new exciting type of coffee every month for all you homebrewers out there. No attachment - adjust, pause or stop your subscription whenever you want to through "my profile"
Brewing inspiration
Inspiration for your coffee brewing Some insight in the process and the history of each of our coffees
Discounts for our webshop
Get in front of the line for our limited editions Discounts for our webshop
Tasty and sustainable
We put in all our knowledge so that everyone who shares our vision for tasty and sustainable coffee does not get buried in complexity We strive to make good coffee simple!

Our story begins from the heart and it ends in a cup

Great Coffee Begins On The Farm
We work alongside these growers, experimenting with techniques, testing ideas in the field, and sharing what we learn to improve the crop. As quality in the cup improves, we are able to reward growers with higher prices year after year. Our approach goes above and beyond merely finding green coffee. We are deeply involved at the farm level and committed to using our talents and resources to develop amazing coffee through relationships that are built on trust.
We Roast To Each Coffees Peak Aroma
The first thing we look for is sweetness. Coffee is a fruit, and as such it has an inherent sweetness that we think should always be present. So we profile to 'peak aroma.' This is where each coffee we roast is sweetest, and no two roast to the same point. We put a lot of time and effort into each roast we do, ensuring that the coffee will be sweet and dynamic every time. We taste every roast of every coffee that we send out to make sure that everything has gone smoothly in the process.
This Ties It All Together
Coffee is hard work. A lot of care has been taken to get that coffee to a place where it can be enjoyed, so we extend that care to the last stage, preparing the brewed coffee. We use scales, filtered water, and precise burr grinders. We sometimes enter international competitions for brewing coffee. This keeps us in tip-top shape so we can keep our education program going to be able to instruct you how to brew the perfect cup.
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Coffee workshop

Coffee is a fruit

Coffee does not need to taste burnt or bitter Even on our old Giesen W15 the coffee was sweet, fruity and transparent but with our new Loring S15 Falcon is even more transparent and regardless of what kind of coffee you may choose you will experience a huge variation in the different nuances. Coffee is a berry and if you treat it gently it can in fact taste of what it actually is - a fruit!

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